CSR initiatives taken by Aamari Resorts in Malla, Ramgarh District of Nainital

CSR initiatives taken by Aamari Resorts in Malla, Ramgarh District of Nainital

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, and it is one of the most common corporate issues for the last couple of years. Hospitality industry across the globe has already taken an essential step to make the world the best for living socially as well as environmentally. CSR is becoming the prime factor for business heads almost in all countries and India is not the exception. Without any doubt, it can be said that CSR object not only has the positive impact on businesses but also increases socio-economical value. People who are engaged in Hospitality Industry can use CSR as a tool for social and environmental development.

Main Objective of CSR for Betterment of Society & Planet

Nowadays, you can find many hotel and resort owners who take CSR object seriously and try to do something better for the people as well as the environment. There are many hotels and resorts in different parts of India that are trying hard to use CSR as a tool to protect green resources surrounding hotel premises and to abolish unemployment issue providing jobs to local people. Aamari Resorts, which is one of the best location to stay near Nainital, has been providing continuous effort sustaining the green environment evergreen and doing different social activities to build a strong socio-economical structure for the local people. Let us have a look at the activities that are coming under corporate social responsibility.

  • Empowering women in providing basic education and giving scope to earn their livelihood
  • Providing jobs to local people for different resort’s activities
  • Hiring local students who have just passed out and searching for jobs
  • Maintaining a good balance between environment and development
  • Choosing the sustainable development idea
  • Using eco-friendly and reusable products
  • Planting trees inside and outside hotel premises to drive green
  • Resolving the crisis of drinking water for unprivileged people
  • Educating the people about cope up with natural disaster,
  • People who live in below poverty level and disaster-prone areas
  • Prevention of cruelty towards the animal kingdom

Remember, we live in the lap of nature. These steps not only help in making the world better place for humans and animals but also save the plantation. Sustainability & Responsibility strategies help grow business in the hospitality industry and protect the earth and the resources for future. CSR is an inescapable strategy, and it is developing day by day to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and trustworthiness towards Hospitality industry. Even the policy helps in reducing social problems by increasing employment and protecting the environment.  Hotels and resorts in Nainital who follow CSR can achieve the repute in improving brand image, boosting up sales, gain more value to investors as well as get success increasing customer loyalty.


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