Jeep Safari

Jeep Safari- (Rs 750/- per person) –

Approximate duration of this trek is 3-5 Hrs. with 2 rest breaks (with 15 min Drive Time)

The unbelievable diversity of Himalayas is best discovered on foot and Aamari Resorts unveils the same thrill of exploration for a timeless experience even through a jeep Safari. We strongly urge the nature lover and explorer this package to make sure that his stay turns out to be an amazing experience.


The Escort drives you through from Aamari Resorts to the thick jungles, amidst the lap of rich Himalayan range. Native Homes of Uttaranchal, Adobe houses, are houses built from bricks made primarily of clay and straw. Adobe homes are prized for their heating characteristics. In winter, adobes bricks absorb heat from the fireplace or furnace and continue to radiate the heat back out for hours, providing a very even heat and minimizing cold spots. In summer, the thick, dense adobe walls act as insulation against the sun Enjoy and explore the local cuisine, cooking styles, vegetation and fresh water falls whilst your rendezvous with Nature. The next exploration is to the famous poet Rabindra Nath Tagore’s monumental abode where he drafted his Nobel award winning “Gitanjali” tucked away in serene and virgin escapes of Himalayas. The final pits top of the explorers is “Tagore Top”, where Rabindra Nath Tagore drafted the finale of Geetanjali.