Odyssey with Nature : (Rs 500 per person)


Approximate duration of this trek is 3-5 Hrs with 3 rest breaks (with Food and Beverages)

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”

We strongly urge the nature lover and adventurer this package so as to make sure that his visit turns out to be an astounding escapade.

* The timeless experience begins with an Escort, a local Kumauni guide exploring 72 acres of Aamari Resorts. Resort provides binoculars and the list of other amenities ensuring the exploration with nature becomes truly memorable.

*Himalayas are touted to be a haven for Anthologists, ornithologists and bird-lovers alike. Whether you are expert at bird behaviour or just a plain novice who admires the beauty of his feathered friends or species of rare and exotic flowers at the foothills, Aamari resort is the best place to explore and get in touch with the delicate creatures of Nature. You never know you get lucky to win a prize at the various interesting nature hunts organised by the resort. (Nature explorers are given a list of flora and fauna and relevant backdrop of the heritage of Himalayas) Embark on a guided bird watching trail in the property to spot some of these exotic birds.

* Native Homes of Uttaranchal, Adobe houses, are houses built from bricks made primarily of clay and straw. Adobe homes are prized for their heating characteristics. In winter, adobe bricks absorb heat from the fireplace or furnace and continue to radiate the heat back out for hours, providing a very even heat and minimizing cold spots. In summer, the thick, dense adobe walls act as insulation against the sun Enjoy and explore the local cuisine, cooking styles, vegetation and fresh water falls whilst your rendezvous with Nature.

* The next exploration is to the famous poet RabindraNath Tagore’s monumental abode where he drafted his nobel award winning Gitanjali tucked away in serene and virgin escapes of Himalayas.

* The final pitstop of the explorers is “Tagore Top” , where RabindraNath Tagore drafted the finale of Geetanjali.